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HP-41 moelcular - Michel - 01-01-2004

Where can in find the program or bar code for the program HP-41 molecular weight calculator?


Re: HP-41 moelcular - Dan M - 01-03-2004


I don't have the programs, but this info might help your search(from Series 40 Software Catalog, August 1984):

Molecular Mass Calculator 41-02336-3

Molecular Weight and Percent Composition 41-02941-0

Molecular Weight Calculator 41-00326-6

Molecular Weight Calculator:

Calculates molecular weight from chemical formula. Also can look up atomic number given the chemical symbol fo an element, and can look up atomic weight given atomic number. 160 Steps. D. Conklin, Corvallis, OR.

Molecular Mass Calculator 41-02336-3:

This program finds the mass of a molecule given its formula, the atomic mass of an atom given its atomic number, and the atomic number of an atom given its forumla. This program uses the gread speed and efficiency of the POSFL statement to make a "look up" table practical for the first time. Needs the X-Functions Module. 112 steps, C. Manning, Canberra, Australia.

Molecular Weight and Percent Composition 41-02941-0:

Program calculates the molecular weight and percent composition of chemical compounds containing up to seven elements. Elements may have atomic numbers from 1 through 92. FOr hydrates, water may be considered to be an element. Needs X-Functions Module. 122 steps. C.A. Erickson, Princeton, NJ.

Re: HP-41 moelcular - Michel - 01-03-2004

Thanks, i'll search with your information.


Re: HP-41 moelcular - Juergen (CH) - 01-04-2004

I know where you can find the Molecular Weight Calculator program but it's not allowed to reference this site here. Drop me a note, and I'll send you the link.