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HaPpy New Year and HP82973 - Giuseppe Marullo - 01-01-2004

Hi all,
just got anoter visit from Santa, this time it was a HP82973 with cables.

I have some questions:

1) The label says: 82973-60001 REV. A
Is this the same board named HP-82973A or not? If it isn't, which are the differences between them, and maybe between REV. C (named into the manual?)

2) Could you please enlight me about the incompatibility between said board and modern pc? Is it a bus speed problem (that could be handled, at least at some degree) or other?
My actual machine could be a little problematic (literally, water cooled and the such) but luckly I have in "stock":
- K7-700 Thunderbird with 1 ISA slot (preferred!)
- PII-200 with n ISA slots (acceptable)
- 486DX4-160 with n ISA slots (ouch!)
- 386-fasten-your-seatbelt with n ISA Slots (stone cold)

3) I am thinking about testing it with a W98 Boot disk and some tweaking on a PII-200. Is it okay, or should I resume the matrix-scene-like lightning fast 386?

4) any advice about software/other to grab, emu41 excluded? :)

Thanks in advance,

Giuseppe Marullo

Houston, I have a problem - Broken HP-IL Link - Giuseppe Marullo - 01-01-2004

Showed inside the PII, the card keeps tellin me that the HPIL loop is broken.
Card detected, HPIL detected but loop broken.

Nominal 1700 address, Software suite4 used. Crossed using a single cable, HP41-CX only connected, HPIL 82164 only and still broken hpil link.

Any hint?
Thanks in advance,

Giuseppe Marullo

Re: Houston, I have a problem - Broken HP-IL Link - Raymond Del Tondo - 01-01-2004


you could try with TRANS41, which should detect the card automatically. If yes, the status display of the program shows if the card is active or not.

If the card uses an IRQ, try to set it to a free one.

With TRANS41, the real HP-41 is the controller, so if the program inits the card, connect the HP-41, SF 15 , then do some stack RPN operation. If all went well, your acction will be echoed on the PC screen.



Re: Houston, I have a problem - Broken HP-IL Link - Giuseppe Marullo - 01-01-2004

as always you come in rescue.
Please, contact me using ICQ/Yahoo/EyeBallChat, I would like to know if this need fixing, slower pcs or an hammer asap.
Very limited success with video emulation, but chars are doubled and frequent locks.

Thank you,

Giuseppe Marullo

ICQ 8058131
Yahoo: giuseppe.marullo
EyeBallChat: xardomain

Your mail box is full !!! 12345 to delete - Emmanuel, France - 01-02-2004

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Dear Giuseppe,
Try the attachment. ;o)
First at all you have to 'deturbo' your speed (please enter your Bios)
ISA bus on 286/386/486 is 8MHz, on Pentium 10MHz (!!!)
Declare in config.sys : device=c:/.../hpil.sys (... is the directory where
hpil.sys is)
I don't think your card is out of order. ;o) again.
Best wishes for 2004. Yours.

Re: Your mail box is full !!! 12345 to delete - Giuseppe Marullo - 01-02-2004

thank you for your try, but this is a frontend email, my private email is another (that actually is down, waiting for them to bring it up again).

It is my name at surname dot it, just don't use it now, the domain does not respond yet. I will contact you when the thing hopefully will be operative again.

About the board, I hope it is okay, but I cannot slow down the bus on the Pentium, I will try tomorrow with the 486.

Only way to slow the Pentium was to avoid using cache, but it didn't work.

Thanks in advance,

Giuseppe Marullo

Fixed email problem - Giuseppe Marullo - 01-03-2004

now my private email is fully operational. Turned out that they performed some manteinance tasks, so while still able to receive email, I was not able to access them.
Thanks to all that helped so far...you know who you are.

Giuseppe Marullo

name at surname dot it (replace as needed, thanks)