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DAT files from a 41 using 82164A - Giuseppe Marullo - 12-21-2003

I tried to pull a program from my 41 using the serial interface and it worked.
I got a wonderful DAT file, I feeded HP41UCC to get a TXT file, dealed with a spurious CR and in the end I got the program into its "source" form.

I used the SETRS program that has been transferred flawlessly, but I got XROM instructions where I had the HP-IL and EXT I/O instructions.

Now, is there a way to get rid from these XROM instructions and get the real ones?

I know they are "legal" but if I had to edit the file from the pc, it will not easy to read it.

Giuseppe Marullo

P.S: Diego, the interface is not fried, and the other I got has a DC to AC converter inside to run from batteries! I didn't test battery operation yet, but it should work @9VDC.

Re: DAT files from a 41 using 82164A - Emmanuel, France - 12-21-2003

Prefer 8V. ;o)
I use X-I/O with 82164 and 82169 to save and get programs.

Re: DAT files from a 41 using 82164A - Giuseppe Marullo - 12-21-2003

I didn't test the interface yet with batteries. It was in a strange enclosure and the battery holder has 6x1.5V batteries, so it should run at 9V.
See the auction:


I opened it and it has little black box, I suppose it will take care of the rs232 voltages.
The nice thing is that the interface works using a AC adapter too.

I am currently using EXT I/O + 82164A to perform the program transfers, I am waiting the hpil pc card (sigh).

No utility can perform a complete translation back and forth between DAT and TXT file formats retaining the original instructions?

Re: DAT files from a 41 using 82164A - Emmanuel, France - 12-21-2003

The page cannot be found.
I think you are talking about an Hand Held Products HP-IL/RS-232 interface.
A guy in USA sent me one but I never received it.
Certainly lost in mail. Alas for me.
With your 6x1.28V battery pack, it's autopowered.
The buffer is bigger than HP-82164A.
According to infos I collected, HHP model works like HP interface.

Edited: 21 Dec 2003, 1:22 p.m.

Here's the 'link' - Raymond Del Tondo - 12-21-2003


just take the auction number 2764068279,
enter it in the search field of eBay, and there you are;-)

The seller was from my home town Hannover, too bad I didn't notice the auction at the time...



Re: DAT files from a 41 using 82164A - Giuseppe Marullo - 12-21-2003

it is a modified HP82164A enclosed into a plastic case.
The 82164 has been modified inside to accept the voltage provided from 6 1.5 Batteries.
Sorry for the broken link, these are the photos I wanted to show you:

http://www.xar.it/download/hp82164a.zip (about 1200k )

The turquese box is the battery holder.

So, noone willing to tell how to get a source (without XROM statements) from a DAT file?

Re: DAT files from a 41 using 82164A - Emmanuel, France - 12-21-2003

Thanks. Got the right pictures.
A box to protect the interface and another power supply in order to replace
the HP82066B or HP82059D adapter.
Thus your interface is really portable. Well done!
About your DAT file, I presume that you are talking about
the format when you save a program with X-I/O
Please refer to the Synthetix Reference Card.


is the following program.

02 7 E-3
03 LBL 00
05 ISG X
06 GTO 00
10 LBL 07
11 SF 00
12 SF 01
13 SF 02
14 GTO 06
15 LBL 11
16 SF 01
17 LBL 09
18 SF 00
19 GTO 08
20 LBL 14
21 SF 01
22 LBL 12
23 SF 02
24 SF 03
25 GTO 06
26 LBL 10
27 SF 01
28 GTO 08
29 LBL 15
30 SF 01
31 LBL 13
32 SF 00
33 LBL 08
34 SF 03
35 LBL 06
36 "TAILLE?"
38 CLA
39 FIX 0
40 CF 28
41 CF 29
44 SF 25
46 GTO 06
47 LBL "8"
48 SF 06
49 SF 05
50 LBL "4"
51 SF 07
52 GTO 05
53 LBL "16"
54 SF 06
55 SF 05
56 SF 04
57 LBL 05
58 CLA
59 2,6350741
60 LBL 04
61 FS? IND X
62 "*"
63 FC? IND X
64 "-"
65 FRC
66 10
67 *
68 X0?
69 GTO 04
71 END

Edited: 21 Dec 2003, 3:03 p.m.

HPILCOM might do the job... - Hans Brueggemann - 12-21-2003

drop me a line and i'll be sending you my HPILCOM. it is a program that connects a pc to an HP82164A. when 'printing' a program from an HP41 to it, it makes the xrom translations and adds them as a comment to the program lines. maybe that's (somehow) what you are looking for.

cheers, hans

(remove all minus signs)

Re: HPILCOM might do the job... - Emmanuel, France - 12-21-2003

Dear Hans,
I'm interested too. ;o).
Thanks in any case.

Re: HPILCOM might do the job... - Giuseppe Marullo - 12-21-2003

Hans and Emmanuel,
I am interesting in having the programs into the pc as a mean to backup them from the calculator.

This is done using .DAT format, and it worked in getting the file from the calculator to the pc.
Actually I didn't succeded in putting it back to the calculator, but I was using a cut & paste from Hyperterminal, so it should work using something else.

I give it as granted, I will take a look using linux.

Once I got the .DAT file, I could decompile it to see it and maybe modify it while on the pc, but it is not too readable, because HP41UCC does not translate statement like SELECT and FINDID, REMOTE etc and shows instead XROM xx,yy.

AFAIK, it should do it, but actually I was not able to do it.

BTW, is it possible to list a program to the rs232?

Hans, I am very interested in your program (you have mail).

I am waiting a HPIL-PC interface, but it has not arrived yet. Anyway, using a serial port is always apreciated, you never know what happens with these modern pc.
Serial ports are forever...

Re: DAT files from a 41 using 82164A - Diego Diaz - 12-21-2003

Hi Giussepe, folks,

That's real good!! I was still afraid for your trafo's "health"... :-)

Hope you enjoy your Xmas "toys".

With my best wishes from Spain to all of you.


Re: HPILCOM might do the job... Danke sehr, Hans! - Emmanuel, France - 12-22-2003

Yes, it's possible.
I use a DOS version of Procomm for listing a program, disassembling a ROM
and saving/getting programs with X-I/O.
It works under Dos, Win3.X, Win9X and XP.
Parameters are 9600,8,n,1 COM1 or COM2, ASCII download.
On HP-41, n SELECT, MANIO and PRP 'file name'
n is the address of your HP82164A.

Edited: 22 Dec 2003, 5:33 a.m.

Re: DAT files from a 41 using 82164A - David - 12-22-2003

The problem is HP41uuc. It's translation table doesn't have all "ROM" instructions. Since all "ROM" instructions are really XROM calls the program simple decodes the hex to the XROM code and decimal representations of ROM ID and Instruction ID if it can't find a match it the translation table.
You could use a text processor with a specialized Dictionary or Macro replace, build a list of XROM #,# to Instruction name for all the ROMs you have and post-process the text file HP41ucc provides.

Re: DAT files from a 41 using 82164A - Giuseppe Marullo - 12-23-2003

David Diego and all,
thank you for your answer. I was thinking that hp41uc was able to translate them, maybe I am wrong.

I asked about this to Leo Duran (the creator), that was kind to answer me, I will receive an answer soon from him.

As you may see from the previous answers, I was able to list a program thru the serial port, retaining its original instructions. Yes, I din't know it was possible, huh?

HPILCOM seems pretty the thing I need, but I have not tried to connect the CX yet.

Merry Xmas to all,

Giuseppe Marullo

Re: HPILCOM might do the job... - Mike D - 01-03-2004

I saw you message about connecting the HP41 to a pc, would your HPILCOM program also work for connecting an HP71 to a PC via the 82164A? If so, may I get a copy to try also??