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HP VINTAGE PRINTERS - Wendy Dworken - 12-14-2003

I have 3 old Hewlett Packard printers in my HP collection I bought at a flea market recently. They take 4 double A batteries.One says on the bottom Hewlett Packard#82240A and then Singapore #2719S10353.Also says "complies for the limits for a class B computer device pursuant to subpart J part 15 of FCC rules". They have an outlet for an adapter which I don't have. Are they valuable? What calculators did they attach to?Is there a website that has information on them so far I have not found any. Please answer me asap! Thank you.Wendy Dworken

Re: HP VINTAGE PRINTERS - David Brunell - 12-15-2003

There were two models of the 82240: A and B. The A model has a limited character set and is used primarily with calculators prior to the 48 series (18C, 28C, HP-41 with IR module, etc.). The B model has an enhanced character set and auto power-off and is the one you want for the 48 series and later. The 82240A is worth maybe $25-$50 in nice shape and the 82240B around $50-$100.

Re: HP VINTAGE PRINTERS - Alekhan - 12-15-2003

Please send me a photos of your HP Printers for my collection of ancient printing mashines/