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Will the real "mikesdavis" please stand up? - Mike - 12-13-2003

Just a point of clearification.

There is another Mike Davis selling HP items on eBay. That is not me. I have only one eBay ID (mikesdavis) and only use my own photos.

I have had more than a few people assume we are the same person. We are not. I don't know the other person and don't know anything about him. This is in no way a criticism of that seller. I just want to be clear that we are different people.

I even had one person want to combine shipping with something they bought from me with something bought from the other Mike Davis.

Please don't assume we are the same person or are selling the same quality items. Ask questions.

Edited: 13 Dec 2003, 1:35 p.m.

Re: Will the real "mikesdavis" please stand up? - Emmanuel, France - 12-13-2003

Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde...
Mike Davis and Davis Mike?
I only know one and it's you, Mike!

Re: Will the real "mikesdavis" please stand up? - db(galactic coordinates 23.9, 61.8, 0.0) - 12-13-2003

Didn't this "evil twin" scenario happen on Star Trek? I think they solved it by using the transporter somehow.

Hey. Wait a minute. How can we be sure that you are the Mike Davis from OUR universe?

It's more annoying than I thought... - Mike - 12-13-2003

He is even using my photos. I thought one of his auctions looked familar and I checked and find he is actually using my photos too.

Fortunately, most of his photos are HP Museum photos. In fact, I don't think he is using any of his own photos on any of his auctions. He is selling less than MINT items and showing MINT photos.

If people weren't confusing his auctions as mine, I guess I wouldn't mind. But I sure don't want people who buy based on the mint photos thinking that I sold it to them something less than mint.

Some people...

Edited: 13 Dec 2003, 9:05 p.m.

Seriously folks... it's not me!!!! - Mike - 12-15-2003

I got another request for a price break on item that I'm selling if they bought an item sold by that another Mike Davis is selling. He is not making this any easier, especially when he is using MY photo.

BEWARE! That other Mike Davis is not me. I say beware because he is not using his own photos and in fact, is using MY photos and HP Museum photos.

mikesdavis (me) and mldavis99 are NOT the same person. I (mikesdavis) use ONLY my own photos.

Edited: 15 Dec 2003, 11:50 p.m.

Why do you discuss your private things here? - Another Mike - 12-16-2003

This should be cleared with the seller in private conversation ...

Re: Why do you discuss your private things here? - Mike Davis Meyer - 12-16-2003

Just kidding about the Davis part.

I DO think it's appropriate for Mike to clarify this, as many of us collect primarily through eBay.

The Mike Davis I know doesn't sell cheap, but he's been honest and sells only good merchandise. He's even been known to send less-than-perfect machines to people gratis.

Thanks for the "heads-up" Mike!

Well here's why Mike... - Mike - 12-16-2003

It is appropriate here because I have received many emails from people (on this forum) who are confusing the two sellers. One bidder asked me to combine shipping with an item from the other seller and even said, "Aren't you and mldavis99 the same person."

I have a reputation for delivering quality HP items but more importantly, I deliver what I photograph. The other Mike Davis is selling items that are of less quality than he is displaying in the photos that he is showing. He is also using HP Museum photos and My photos. This item 3065427407 is using my photo that was used here 3065427407.

This would be no big deal but people ARE (not might be) mistaking HIS items for mine. Displaying MINT photos and selling less-than-mint items, leads to problems. I don't want to also have to take the heat for his overstating the condition of his items.

This is much more than discussing my private issues. It is a WARNING (disclaimer) to members here that we are not the same seller.

Oh! And Mike, I have sent him private emails about this and he is doing nothing to correcte this misconception! He has not even posted that he is using my photos.

Edited: 16 Dec 2003, 10:51 a.m.

Have eBay yank it? - Randy - 12-16-2003

So why not notify eBay he is using your I.P. (photos) and have them yank the auction? Takes about 30 seconds with the proper form.

The seller will learn theft is theft – consider your time spent taking a good photo. Why should someone else use it for free without permission?

No, don't want to do that (photo changed) - Mike - 12-16-2003

I don't want to make it difficult for the other Mike. I just want to make sure it is clear, to all, that he and I are different people.

He has (now) changed the photo so that might help things a bit.

Edited: 16 Dec 2003, 2:04 p.m.

I, for one, appreciate the warning (n.t.) - db (martinez, ca.) - 12-16-2003