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Talking HP-34c - Pascal - 12-09-2003

I recently purchased what seems to ba a talking hp-34c. It's a device that was built by a company called "Science for the blind", founded in the UK by Tom Benham in the seventies.

It's an hp-34c which is attached to a black box containing a speech synthesis processor and a small speaker. There is a stripe of wires coming out of the back of the hp-34c that goes into this black box. The power switch on the hp was removed, I assume that the power switch on the black box does also power on the hp. Unfortunately the hp-34c does not power up, I only hear some cracking noise coming out of the speaker. The black box seems to be working but not the hp.

Does anyone have technical details about this calculator and can help me repair it ? with some luck someone that worked on this project is reading this board ?

Thanks a lot.