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cassette drive - Stephan (CH) - 12-08-2003

Good morning to all. Does anybody have a broken cassette drive who is willing to give it away for a few dollars. I own a defect one and would highly appreciate a second unit to rebuild mine. The fault seems to be the recording head which doesn't read nor write. Everything else works perfectly. Thank you all in advance. Kind regards Stephan

Re: cassette drive - Pascal (CH) - 12-11-2003

I have one, you can contact me at pgervaix@(remove)bigfoot.com. I live in Switzerland so shipping would not be a problem.

Re: cassette drive - Stephan (CH) - 12-11-2003

Salu Pascal. This is exiting news. According your name I assume that you live in the Romandie somewhere? I am afried my French is terrible bad so I am writing you in English. Is this OK with you? I also tried to contact you via the e-mail address you gave me. Unfotrunaltely I received two times an error message telling me that your address is invalid. About the cassette drive. Please let me know what you are asking for the unit. I think I need the board with the two motors on it (in case you want to sell the unit in parts). Selling, traiding anything goes. I live in Kaisten AG near Basel so collecting would be an option as well instead of shipping. Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.
Merci beaucoup et a tout a l'heure

best regards Stephan