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Zeprom & BankSwitching - Emmanuel, France - 12-07-2003

I'm actually studying how to 'bankswitch' a Zeprom module.
I would like to burn the Hepax Rom I have yet (1B, 1C or 1D).
Curiously only two adresses have codes:
XFCB and XFCD don't have ENBANK3 and 4, just NOPs (?!).
I understood the principle but would like to know if someone had experience in that activity.
Thanks for assistance.

Edited: 7 Dec 2003, 4:23 a.m.

Re: Zeprom & BankSwitching - Diego Diaz - 12-07-2003

Hi Emmanuel,

It may be me the one to blame... sorry, as for the Addresses you've checked, it semmed like if you have took a look at a previous post I wrote to Meindert Kuipers regarding a similar question. If so, my apologies go to you.

Those addresses were wrong, (not too far though :-)

Here you are the correct Bankswitch & Retun Addresses:

XFC3: H'140, H'3E0 ENBANK3

XFC5: H'1C0, H'3E0 ENBANK4

XFC7: H'100, H'3E0 ENBANK1

XFC9: H'180, H'3E0 ENBANK2

Hope this helps.


Re: Zeprom & BankSwitching - Emmanuel, France - 12-07-2003

Yes, you are right and I was wrong.
Please accept my apologies.
Thanks to remind me of that point.
I'm loosing my memory...Sorry I'm aged. ;o)