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AC POLARITY HP95-LX - erwin - 06-12-2000

Hello group,

I have found a 9 V adaptor that i want to use for my HP95-LX.

The specifications are :

OUTPUT : 9.0 Volt , 500mA , 4.5VA (4.5 Watt) The polarity of the adaptor is: innercore : negative ( --) outside : positive ( + )

Can i use this adaptor ? Especialy regarding to the polarity of the adaptor and the HP95-LX offwitch it's polarity is unknown to me.

Thank's for any help, Erwin

Re: AC POLARITY HP95-LX - gilpetri - 06-13-2000


You might want to check these 2 posts here: 1- http://www.sp.uconn.edu/~mchem1/hypermail/april.mail/0230.html 2- http://www.advanix.net/~smr/palmtop/95lxfaq.htm#Q13

Sorry, but it's the only reference I could find...

Maybe another board member might help us on this issue?

Gil Petri.

Re: AC POLARITY HP95-LX - Bill Duncan - 06-13-2000

AC doesn't have polarity, although in some cases (like the mains) one side is "Hot" with reference to ground.

According to my hp wall-wart for my hp-95lx, your solution might be a bit underpowered, and it seems to be DC.

The specs on mine are 9VAC, 13.5 VA.

Now your DC adapter "might" work, if the 95 does full-wave rectification. I wouldn't suggest it however.

And regardless, unplug it when not in use. For some reason it seems to drain the batteries faster, perhaps with some leakage current. But I haven't been able to verify. Your mileage may vary.

Re: AC POLARITY HP95-LX - erwin - 06-14-2000

Hello group,

I asked this question to someone who also has a HP95-LX, and i also asked him where i can find software and more information on the HP95-LX. I thought that i better share his anwser with this group. BTW: I'm still looking for the program 'BUDDY95' .


check out ftp://sunsite.cnlab-switch.ch/mirror/hp95lx/ For serial transfer to/from your PC you can use ckermit (if you use Linux) or Hyperterminal (WIN9x). Also your AC adapter should work: the HP95 needs 9-13V AC (yes, AC; there is a full-wave rectifier in the HP95), but you can also feed DC into the unit. ALso check the FAQ on the abovementioned site...

Hope that helps.

Re: BUDDY for the HP95-LX - Kevin FitzGerrell - 07-27-2000

You can find Buddy for the 95lx at: http://www.buddy.com/index1.html Hope that helps!