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Eurocharger specs - Giuseppe Marullo - 12-01-2003

Hi all,
the hpil boxes (rs232, video) started to arrive here, but I don't have any ac adapter / charger.

I tried to bid about them, but prices were always higher than my bids.

What kind of juice (voltage, polarity, VA)do I need to provide them?

Giuseppe Marullo

Re: Eurocharger specs - Diego Diaz - 12-01-2003

Hi Giuseppe,

This is a somewhat "recurrent" topic. Anyhow it's quite simpler to write the specs than looking for a previous post to address you to.

So called "Eurochargers" (82066B) are nothing but a simple transformer. According with Europe mains supply they are 220v AC on the primary side, while 8v also AC, of course, on the secondary, rated 3VA (Volt Amperes). This could be "translated" into 375mA approx.

These secondary values are not very common, but as far as you don't go too far below or above the specs the whole thing will work fine.

A 9v 300mA (quite easier to find) is a nice substitution trafo. I've got two of'em and no troubles in more than one year of use (should I knock on wood? :-)

Regards from the Canary Islands.

Re: Eurocharger specs - Giuseppe Marullo - 12-02-2003

thanks for your answer. I have just received from down under my first HP-IL device to play with (serial), this evening I will try to power it up using a DC power supply.

Giuseppe Marullo

P.S I have grabbed a spare memory module, what about a CLONIX injection?

Re: Eurocharger specs - Diego Diaz - 12-02-2003


If you are planning to power your "new toy" with DC current, please take into account that figures substantially differ from AC supply:

Namely, the 8v AC from the original Eurocharger, are to become some 12v DC approx. keeping in mind that most commercial Wall Warts generate a voltage several volts above rated specs.

That said, and provided you regard this issue there's nothing wrong in feeding you RS-232 box with a (De-Ce-nt) DC supply.

Regarding the Clonix, the first ones will be for sale in a pair of weeks, hope you can wait until then... :-)


Re: Eurocharger specs: - Giuseppe Marullo - 12-02-2003

I powered it up at about 10V, and it works.
The power led glows, and if I issue a reset the T/R led blink for about 2 secs then goes off.

I tried some quick example to test if it is able to transmit something, and it blinks when it should be.

Only concern is power consumption and smell.
There is a transformer inside (I don't know why, I should suppose it is used to regenerate the rs232 voltages), that is getting too hot. I tried to lower the DC level until the interface is not able to succesfully initialize (about 5V), but it is still way too warm. There is a smell of old thing powered up after being stored *many years*.
I don't have a multimeter I could trust about current reading, but it is in the .9A consumption range, too much I think.

Maybe this one is the only one interface that does not "support" the dc trick.

Tomorrow I will try to get a transformer with 8V AC output.

P.S: the power supply I am using actually is rated 30A peak, it deserves caution.

Re: Eurocharger specs: - Diego Diaz - 12-03-2003

Please, DO NOT try to feed your RS-232 box with DC again!!

I'm terribly sorry for that, it was my fault, I must have checked it twice before answering. I beg your pardon.

This is the ONLY 8v AC feeded HP-IL box that MUST use AC current.

I only hope your "nose" was fine enough to stop it all before causing any damage to the innards.

Anyhow, if this was the case, I'll do my best to fix it if you send me the box. (No charge, of course!)

Anagin my apologise and my best wishes.


Re: Eurocharger specs: - Giuseppe Marullo - 12-04-2003

do not wory, I took the risk. I think that nothing irreversible has been done, but actually I don't have a 8v transformer handy to double check.
I checked the voltage at wich I were using it, it was not higher than 5V, and the logic was still working.
I did discover the problem almost immidiately, the case was open and the transformer was the only thing that was running hot. No magic smoke yet.

The worst case could be that I've lost the transformer, but I should have a second interface coming, I could easily compare voltages and eventually fix it.

Where I could find the latest version of your CLONIX doc?

Clonix-41 info. - Diego Diaz - 12-04-2003

Hi Giuseppe,

Hope your trafo is still alive...

Regarding Clonix-41 info, please mail me and I'll gladly address you.