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HP IL problem - thib - 06-06-2000


when I connect my reseted HP71 to the 82162 printer it works fine. Then I add the 9114B drive to the loop and declare it as follows : ASSIGN IO ":DD" then the drive works and the printer doesn't! Does anybody know how I can have both working? Thanks in advance.

Re: HP IL problem - Reinhard Hawel - 06-06-2000

Forget "ASSIGN IO". This is mostly for compatibility to the HP 80 series and the 75. I don't know anybody, who works with it on the 71.

Additionally, I believe, you also must assign the printer


Use the device ID instead of ASSIOGN IO.

Example: PRINTER IS "HP82161"

Example: COPY xxx TO "HP9114"

This should get both working.

I remember, that I wrote a short article in this forum abt IL addressing methods and working with devices. I'll try to find it again and I will publish the link here.

Re: HP IL problem - thib - 06-06-2000

Thanks Reinhardt,

You know I was using ASSIGN IO because this is what I read on the HP9114 instructions for use for the 71B... Thanks a lot, I will try what you advised! Thib

Re: HP IL problem - Hugo - 06-06-2000

if you find your article, please post it here. I'm also interested in HP-IL. Thanks


It doesn't work... - thib - 06-07-2000

It's too bad Reinhardt but none of the solutions you proposed did work.... Any other idea? Thanks anyway! Thib

Re: HP IL problem - Jan Buitenhuis - 06-07-2000

Hello, I just started again with HPIL after a 'resting' period of more than 10 years. From the sound of your problem your looking too far. The HP71 was THE machine for HPIL. As far as I (right now) can recall, you hook up anything that you will/can hook to HPIL, you switch on the HP71 do RESET HPIL and then RESTORE IO. The RSTORE IO command will check what is on the loop and will assign each device its proper addres. From memory the HP9114 is ":TAPE" or "TAPE(1)" and so on. For the printer I have to look that up, but is is probable very similar like ":PRINTER". So for the disc drive it is COPY prgmname to :TAPE. And to get it back COPY prgmname:TAPE. See have that gets you going. Regards Jan Buitenhuis