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HP-9G - rsenzer - 11-22-2003

I just purchased an HP-9G. I found one bug initially and phone it into HP this week. Customer representative said that HP would send me a new unit. Friday night, I found another bug and e-mailed the information to HP with the associated case id.

The first bug is:
ln(2+2*10^(-9)) - ln(2) returns a negative number;

The second bug is:
7/6 [F<>D] [ENTER] does not convert decimal to the fraction, "7/6" where [F<>D] refers to the
fraction-to-decimal decimal-to-fraction shifted toggle key.

The first bug existed in early models of the HP-30S, but it had been fixed a long time ago. The second bug does not exist on the HP-30S.

HP's customer service response was excellent, once I got past the detour to an HP service center somewhere in India that apparently handled HP Pavilion computer models.

A side note:

So how did I know I had travelled to India? ... the accent was the first clue, but when you're put on hold and the rock music is accompanied by a sitar, you know you aren't in Kansas anymore.

Re: HP-9G - Calckidd (USA) - 11-24-2003

I tried this equation on my 49G+ and got .000000001.
My 9G also got a negative number (1.908 x 10^-10).


Re: HP-9G - Karl Schneider - 11-25-2003

CalcKidd posted:


I tried this equation on my 49G+ and got .000000001. My 9G also got a negative number (1.908 x 10^-10).

My "genuine HP" scientific models all return 1 x 10^(-9) (1E-9), while the business models return 0.000000001, no matter if fewer decimal digits are specified. Are business "peeps" assumed to be unfamiliar with scientific notation?

No negative numbers, though, which, BTW, 1.908 x 10^(-10) is not... ;-)

"rsenzer", what was the negative number?


Re: HP-9G - rsenzer - 11-25-2003

Hi Karl,

The same result as reported by CalcKidd. From the context of the message and thread, I concluded that CalcKidd was referring to the magnitude and verifying that he also got a negative number from the calculation. Of course, I had seen that number already.

The number per the display is:

As stated in the original message, early HP-30S models had a similar problem.