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HP33E keyboard - Bo Kristoffersen - 05-30-2000

On my HP33E the keyboard rattles - or more precisely, the keys rattle. The lower row of keys is relatively firm, but towards the upper row, the keys get looser and looser, a mm or so, however, all keys work perfectly. It appears like the underlying contact-board has been forced inwards, is this assumption correct and is it possible to take the calculator apart and fix the problem - although I don't like taking things apart when they work.

Any assistance would be much appreciated.

Regards, Bo Kristoffersen Copenhagen/Denmark

Re: HP33E keyboard - Elizabeth A. Amin - 05-30-2000


I just finished some repairs on my HP34C, another "Spice" series calc...there are six plastic clips, three on each side, inside the front case that hold the board/spine assembly to the case with considerable pressure. It's possible that the two clips near the top have broken or slipped off the spine. You'll have to take the 33E apart, which isn't easy. I'd advise you to read the following posts before doing anything:





Good luck...Elizabeth