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HP42S or HP49G+ - Marc - 11-13-2003

Hello, I have the option to buy an hp42S or a 49g+.
which one for me , an engineer is the best?
Have 3 48 and 2 32SII.

Re: HP42S or HP49G+ - Marc - 11-13-2003

wanted to say that i'm an electronic engineer

Re: HP42S or HP49G+ - Joesph - 11-13-2003

That depends on what you are interested in. I personally like the HP42S very much - what are your preferences? Ease of use, build quality, etc. Its a personal thing.

Re: HP42S or HP49G+ - Victor Koechli - 11-13-2003

Buy both if you can. If you can't, buy them both anway. If you really can't, it depends on whether your current calcs are suficient for your needs (which is probably the case, since you have 3 48's). If they are, get the 42S if the price is anywhere near reasonable. It's one of the finest and most sought after HPs ever made, very potent and with tons of functions, while in a package the size of your 32SII. And you can still buy a 49G+ next year if you feel like it, but who knows when you will have the occasion to acquire a 42S again (especially if the price is good).

If you need a calc with even more power that your 48, get the 49G+. Does anyone know whether it has the equation library from the 48G/G+/GX built in?

Cheers, Victor

Re: HP42S or HP49G+ - V-PN - 11-13-2003

no, use eql49 libraries from:



PS: I would always prefer the I/O capable model 1st, in this case the 49g+ (regardless of the good things in the 42S)

Re: HP42S or HP49G+ and external keyboard hp 48GX - Marc - 11-13-2003

I know that the 49G+ is very powerful,but is too big, I prefer the 42S but very expensive.
I have created an external keyboard gor HP48GX, I uploaded it in HPcalc, but i don't see it, it is in hp-network.com.

VPN, where are you from?
I'm curious.
Bye and thanks
PD is it correct buying an hp42S for 325€?

Re: HP42S or HP49G+ and external keyboard hp 48GX - Victor Koechli - 11-13-2003

It's certainly not a bargain. If it's OK depends on what comes with it. If you are a collector and the unit is complete with original box, manuals etc. and in a very good, like new state, then it would be OK. Otherwise, you should probably try to get a cheaper one (I have, however, not checked prices recently). I would, beacause I'm a fan, but mostly a user and not a collector, so I don't care for the box or worry about a scratch somewhere, as long as it works OK.

Alternatively, buy a 49G+ for half the price. I know, it's a big machine, but it does almost everything, and fast, and it communicates with the outside world, as Veli-Pekka pointed out.

Cheers, Victor

VPN, where are you from? - V-PN - 11-13-2003

C E-Mail Address

Re: HP42S or HP49G+ - Erik Ehrling (Sweden) - 11-13-2003

Ask yourself which of your current calculators you use the most, the HP-48GX or the HP-32SII. The HP-49+ improves on the HP-48GX while the HP-42S improves on the HP-32SII. Personally, I would take the HP-42S if I had to choose. (The only reason I could find for not buying a HP-42S would be if HP releases a successor to the HP-42S with I/O capabilities...)

Best regards,
Erik Ehrling (Sweden)

Re: HP42S or HP49G+ - Marc - 11-13-2003

Sorry Eric do you have one of your hp42S to sell?
just a question