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HP95LX/200LX IR reception - Nelson M. Sicuro (Brazil) - 11-09-2003

Hi to all,

I need to know if the IR receptor of the HP-95LX or/and HP-200LX have the capability of receive RED-EYE HP printer format. I know that they can transmit. I'm planning to build a software to "read" print-outs from my HP-42S and HP-17BII to read their ROMs. I cannot use another way right now, as the only IR receivers that I have is on the palmtops, I don't have any HP-48xx calculator.



Re: HP95LX/200LX IR reception - Bill Smith - 11-10-2003

I'm not sure i exactly understand your question, but will give it a shot.

There are several programs at SUPER for the IR port. One of them causes the 200LX to emulate an HP "red eye" (i think the 82240B). I will look through my own collection and see if this can be dug up, should you not be able to find it on the web any more.

best regards,

Re: HP95LX/200LX IR reception - Nelson M. Sicuro (Brazil) - 11-10-2003

I'm searching a way to the 200LX (or 95LX) to receive IR printings from the HP-42S and 17BII "emulating" a printer. If I can get enough info on how the IR works I can do a program myself in assembler or Turbo Pascal to it. If is already a program that do that, it'll save some time.

Best regards,


Re: HP95LX/200LX IR reception - Mike (Stgt) - 11-10-2003

AFAIK there is a program from Thomas Rundel to print a screen shot of the 200LX to an IR-printer. But up to today I did not find a program neither for the 200LX nor the 95LX to receive the IR signal from "Blinky" (the IR printer ROM for the HP-41) or the Pioneer calculators. If you find some or do one on your own, pls let me know (see at http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/NutEm/nutem.htm#re). BTW, I asked some experts and none did bite the hook, one even doubts if the timers of the 200LX are stable enough to decode a one-way IR transmision. There is an article in this HP-museum which advices to use the sound card of a PC as stable timer.


Re: HP95LX/200LX IR reception - Bill Smith - 11-10-2003

After looking through a couple programs, i think i agree with Mikes post. the program i recalled was for printing to a red eye.

i do recall reading posts a few years back, and running some trials of my own. i used a 41 with the IR module, and was able to filter using a couple escape sequences some of the goobledygook from a PRP to a file on the 200LX which seemed sorta useful, until i suddenly had a 82164A which worked straight up.

best of luck