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HP-34C charger terminal - Michel Beaulieu - 10-30-2003

I have a great HP-34C but i lost the charger. Brand new batteries in the calculator. Can someone give me some tips for "building" a homemade connector than can goes in the original femeale connector on the calculator.

What are the specs for the adaptor?


By the way, thanks for the peron who give the dental wire tip for removing the back shell on the 34C! It works easily and effortless!

Re: HP-34C charger terminal - Katie - 10-30-2003

It's 10VAC 1.8VA, but you can use any AC output charger with 8-10 volts output. The 82059 (the one used for the 91,92,97, 10, 19C, etc.) will work fine on the Spice calculators. However, coming up with a homemade plug for this is going to be very difficult. You're best bet (and certainly the safest thing to do) is to remove the batteries and charge them outside the calc.

Edited: 31 Oct 2003, 2:21 p.m.

Re: HP-34C charger terminal - Thibaut.be - 10-31-2003


You will find plenty of such adapters on ebay. They won't sell for more than 20 bucks. I guess it's really worth purchasing one of these than trying out to build one...

My 2c worth

HP charger part number - Michel Beaulieu - 10-31-2003

Can you tell me the HP part number so i can fin on th eBay site you told me. I found some but it all for the HP-75/41 calculators...

Re: HP charger part number - Thibaut.be - 10-31-2003

You know what ? The Museum of HP Calculators is a GREAT site !

The HP-34C wizard speaks - Norm - 10-31-2003

Yeah definitely just find a working charger with plug......

You should be able to bid less than $20 and win, you'll spend more than that trying to use bathtub caulking and paper clips to make your own.

Consider where you are really headed with all that..... is it really worth charging the thing up, with the short runtime of NiCad batteries?

OK, maybe you are using NiMH that would help.

The point is I just feed mine with "AA" Alkaline batteries, and put in more when it runs down. Then you don't need a charger, even though I have got one.