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HP still makes 42S. - Y W Wong - 05-10-2000

I just got a new 42S with s/n ID00300026 and it is made in Indonesia. I got this from the local HP services center in Hong Kong.

Re: HP still makes 42S. - Romuald RICOUARD - 05-10-2000

You STILL FIND, but i don't think that HP STILL MAKES HP42S

Re: HP still makes 42S. - VCar - 05-10-2000

How much do you pay??

Re: HP still makes 42S. - Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) - 05-10-2000

HP still MAKES them (or, at least, stamps the serial number on them), but DOES NOT SELL them. You may only obtain such machines as a repair/exchange service event. You must send them a used 42S and pay about $ 70 (in the US) to obtain a replacement unit. I did so last year, don't know if such option is still available.

you need a broken one for a new - Y W Wong - 05-10-2000

You're right. The HP service center does not sell HP42S anymore. You should send them a broken 42S plus repair charge, then they will give you a new 42S a few days later. I have asked them how come the new 42S and they replied that the new 42S is a back orde from other country for the discontinued calculator.

Re: you need a broken one for a new - VCar - 05-10-2000

Ok, but How much does it cost you?, Because I have a broken one and I like to get the replacement. Thanks in advance.

Re: you need a broken one for a new - Andrés C. Rodríguez (Argentina) - 05-10-2000

I had a 42S with some display problems, send it to the repair center in the US (previously I checked by phone), and they send a "new" 42S, with an Indonesian S/Number which corresponds to week 18 of 1999, I think. I paid about U$S 69 + tax. I arranged with a friend to receive the "new" unit in the US, since I live in Argentina.

The new model came with batteries, and it is not a repaired one, it is a new one. The orange/yellow shift key is clearer than in the original, and the back of the case shows new agency certification marks. The keys appeared to be dirty upon reception, but I cleaned them with a soft dry cloth and them looked new from then on. I think the display is not exactly the same, but is almost indistinguishable.

I had misplaced the "old" vinyl pouch and batteries door, so I didn't send these items to HP. The new unit came with a new vinyl pouch, alkaline batteries installed, and with the batteries door in place.

I hope you can exchange yours, this repair/exchange program is supposed to end during year 2000. Good luck!