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Eurpoean sellers... - Matthias Wehrli - 10-22-2003

As you know I very often buy HP items all arround the world.
After 3 years I have to concluse, that the easyies seller conditions are in the U.S. There I can pay through paypal what is, as I think the best way of transaction in the net. European sellers often accept bill or cash, but no payment by credit card. I wonder why... I only know some people that accept paypal or bidpay. I know, that there are fees to pay, but on a transaction bank to bank you also have to do.
So this is a appeal to all european sellers to accept paypal payment. It´s free (and if you want, you can tell the seller to pay the fees)...


Re: Eurpoean sellers... - Thibaut.be - 10-22-2003

The reason why I refuse paypal is very easy to understand : I can without any problem send money to anyone (though the fee I have to pay is totally illegal in Belgium), but cannot receive any cent.

In the past, this was possible, but you never got reimbursed when the balance of your credit card was in your favour.

Bidpay is quite similar : I can't receive any money from them.

But Western Union works fine and this is one of my preferred payment method : I don't have to wait for clearance as it is immediate.

But there are still some interesting ways to pay : the new IBAN bank account structure authorizes to send web-based banking drafts to anyone in the EU, and the fees are very low for both parties. In addition you can always track payment and know the real identity of the person who has received the money.

Hope this helped,



Why is this here in this forum? - GS Leong - 10-22-2003

shouldn't this be addressed elsewhere?

Re: Eurpoean sellers... - Massimo Gnerucci (Italy) - 10-22-2003

Once you'll convince PayPal to accept italian based bank accounts I will be really happy to use it. It's three years now that, now and then, I mail them to know if/when they'll do.
The answer is always the same: we don't know; we are not planning this in the near future.


P.S. I think I should take a swiss account...

Re: Why is this here in this forum? - V-PN - 10-22-2003

Because people want to know how to buy/sell calculators in/out/inside EU, etc. I think it's relevant information.

Re: Eurpoean sellers... - Matthias - 10-22-2003

Switzerland becomes more and more a interesting place to collect HP calculators:

- We can use paypal without problems (as seller and buyer)
- We get the new calculatros for a reasonable price and we get then very fast (remember the 49G+)
- We have some relevant collectors here who like to join meetings (I do not only think about me)


Re: Eurpoean sellers... - GE (France) - 10-22-2003

In Europe plastic money is not regarded as a natural extension of your arm, people are still cautious - a cultural thing.
Another topic would be to explain WHY OH WHY so many sellers only send to the continental US. I wonder.

Re: Eurpoean sellers... - Pavel Korensky - 10-22-2003

This answer is easy.
They either do not want to make a necessary paperwork or they do not know how to do it.

This is the answer I received from several US sellers.
Also, they have problems with buyers from Europe, who won the auction, but when it comes to the shipping charges, the total price is suddenly twice more and they refuse to pay.