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HP-49G+ finally shipping - Ernie Malaga - 10-18-2003

Just checked Samson Cables' site. Now they say the 49G+ is in stock.

Funny thing, though -- HP's site still doesn't mention the machine. Is there no end to their idiocy?


Re: HP-49G+ finally shipping - J. Lopez - 10-18-2003

Well, I ordered one yesterday (Friday) from the hp website mentioned here in another thread (www.smb.compaq.com). Later, I received an e-mail confirmation of shipment, with a UPS tracking number. Checking the UPS' site says the package is in transit from Ontario (not Taiwan, mind you) and will be delivered in New York on Tuesday the 22nd.

Now what to do to spare my nails from this biting while waiting...

Re: HP-49G+ finally shipping -- it seems to be true. - Paul Brogger - 10-19-2003

If you care, details re: ordering by phone are to be found below.

One twist not fully explained there: H-P's Small-Medium Business (SMB) unit has a physical presence in all 50 states (as well as internationally) and so must charge any applicable state sales taxes.

Their Home Office unit, however, works from only one(?) location (I don't know where), so if the new calculators become available from the Home Office web site at the same list price, your overall cost will likely be lower.

However, at this point, it seems only available via the SMB site, and that via a not-exactly-obvious path.