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HP15C 'Stuck' in User Mode - Melody - 10-06-2003

Hello All - I hope someone can help,
My husband's HP15C seems to be 'stuck' in the User Mode. The manual states that pressing f+USER keys again will deactivate this mode. Nothing happens when the f+USER key is pressed and USER annunciator continues to display. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx.

Re: HP15C 'Stuck' in User Mode - bill platt - 10-06-2003

Hi Melody,

First, check to see if either of the keys have problems---so try "f" with any other key and make sure it works, e.g. f prefix should clear a prefix, and also show the full "mantissa". And check the RCL key: does it recall a register? If both keys work fine, I would then run a self-check and see what comes up--and then clear the machine if need be (following the manual's instructions).

Good luck and best regards,


Re: HP15C 'Stuck' in User Mode - Patrick - 10-06-2003

Bill's suggestion is a good one, but I just wanted to make sure you are not actually pressing the '+' key. You press the yellow f key and then the RCL key which has 'USER' written in yellow just above it.

Sorry if you already realized this... there is a wide range of experience out there.