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HP 82162A repair drive belt - Ron Gardner - 10-02-2003

I have read the post by Dave Mabry regarding the drive belt for the 82162A printer. I am having no luck finding the Projector-Recorder Belt Company(www.russellind.com) belt (SCX-2.4). Does anyone else have a suggestion where I might find an 'O' ring or .75" x .04" belt?

As Dave stated it appears that most standard 'O' rings are about .070" wide. Without this little 'O' ring / belt I'm afraid I'll never be able to revive my old thermal printer... HELP oops didn't mean to shout.

Re: HP 82162A repair drive belt - Dave Mabry - 10-03-2003

Shoot me a private e-mail with your snail mail address and I'll see if I have an extra. There was a minimum order that I had to buy when I needed one.