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32sii - Should one be careful? - John - 09-30-2003

This auction lists a new in open box 32sii but in the description it says,

"Please not that this is a multiple item auction; you may receive a different, yet equivalent item than pictured"

Then, way down at the bottom he has a disclaimer that says, "Disclaimer: This is either a MANUFACTURER or THIRD PARTY'S DESCRIPTION that may differ from the actual item. This in no way provides any guarantee from us for any and all of the item contents."

and if you check the feedback, you will see lots of negatives for substituted, switched and or broken items.

I think this might be one to be careful on.

Edited: 30 Sept 2003, 10:09 p.m.

Re: 32sii - Should one be careful? - Ed Look - 09-30-2003

If you click on the image of the calculator, it's a HP-20S, not a HP-32SII; they do have the same form factor, though.

And, the image of the back has a serial number of what appears to be "ID92001946".

Yeah, this might be one of those less than up front deals.

Re: 32sii - Should one be careful? - Ernie Malaga - 09-30-2003

Yes, stay away from that one. The seller has given himself so many "outs" that he could deliver a 6S (that has been run over by a truck) with almost impunity.


FYI - Email replies - Mike - 10-02-2003

I have sent several emails to this seller with some questions about his 32sii. He is very quick to reply and seems to have several 32sii, in the same condition.

The fact that he replies to all my emails with reasonable answers, seems to be to his credit.