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HP-30S Discontinued? - Tom - 09-27-2003

Does anyone know if the HP-30S has been discontinued? There was a notice in the local STAPLES store that HP-30S was on sale for about $5.00 as a Discontinued Item. Does anyone know what the replacement will be if it is discontinued?

Re: HP-30S Discontinued? - Raymond Del Tondo - 09-27-2003

The suitable replacement could be the NULL device...

Look at the 9G, 9S, and maybe 33S ;-)


Re: HP-30S Discontinued? - ned - 09-28-2003

just picked up one for $6 at staples, just for kicks. it's worth that much due to the quadratic root solver and linear intersect solver, but the lcd is impossible to see because of the curved glossy plastic finish. the calc won't stay put on a table without being slid into the cover. keys are plastic but don't have good feel. yadda yadda yadda. i'd rather have a 20s.

Re: HP-30S Discontinued? - hugh - 09-28-2003

a real shame is the quadratic solver could be a lot more accurate than it actually is. the 30s (and others like 9g) work internally to 24 digits.

the 30s suppresses add & subtract relative result to 10^-9. eg 2+1e-9-2 = 0 on a 30s (this is wrong). this has been fixed on the 9g which gets 10^-9 correctly. it however supresses at 10^-13 to emulate 13 digits.

the suppression means it wont be any more accurate than a ten digit calculator for any calculation involving add & subtract :-)

Re: HP-30S Discontinued? - Bob - 09-30-2003

I guess I just like all calculators. I picked up one yesterday for $5.50 just to look at it. I wouldn't spend the $16 dollars it cost before, but for $5.50 I think I will buy a couple and just play with them. It seems to be just as good as the TI that I bought for a briefcase beater-calc, and this one says "hp" on it. My daughter will like the teal faceplate. I'm using the black one.

The shape will also come in handy if I decide to level my table with one by placing it under the leg.

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