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HO48G+ and HP48GX - k. y. fung - 04-19-2000

I would like to know if these two machines, except for the expandability on the HP48GX, are identical?

Yes - Joe Panico - 04-19-2000

k. y.,

Yes, they're basically the same. The X version will include some commands for MERGE'ing memory cards, viewing plug in cards, etc. that isn't used in the + version for obvious reasons.


Re: HO48G+ and HP48GX - paul w - 04-29-2000

hey k.y.fung

briefly i think they are more or less the same but the hp48g+ was released by the ACO (australian calculator org) which is the design team that made the hp49g. the hp48g+ was their first product released and the hp48gx was designed in the usa (oregon i think

hope that helps

paul w