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HP67 magnetic-cardreader - Harry - 09-26-2003

My Cardreader of my 67 is defect. Where can I buy a new reader-section or in special the cardreader driving axle.
thanks for info.

Re: HP67 magnetic-cardreader - Larry M. - 09-26-2003


New card readers are unavailable at any price. If the card
reader is simply failing to pull the card through the slot,
then go to:



Re: HP67 magnetic-cardreader - Harry - 09-27-2003

Hi Larry
thanks for this perfect link !

Re: HP67 magnetic-cardreader - David Smith - 09-27-2003

There is another common reader problem that you may have. The worm gear is press fit onto the motor shaft via a nylon bushing. This friction fit may wear loose or the bushing may be crumbled. If this happens the motor will spin, but the gears will not.