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hp 48s calc with 48sx manual (vol 1) - Neil - 09-03-2003

I won an auction some time ago on ebay for a hp 48s calculator which came in the box + case + 48sx quick reference guide + 48sx owners manual volume 1. Everything was made in Singapore.

Since this is my first RPL calc, I was looking for the programming section in the manual, which I noticed is to be found in volume 2 of the owners manual, which did not come with the calculator. I then checked a few other 48s auctions on ebay and I see that there exists a specific 48s owners manual.

So what I am wondering is did HP ever supply the vol 1 48sx manual + 48sx quick ref guide with 48s calculators? There is only enough room in the box for one manual, so the seller couldn't have forgotten to enclose volume 2. Anyway, I asked the seller but I didn't get an answer. Possibly the factory just stuffed the 48sx documentation by mistake in a 48s box, but I am just curious if anyone has experienced this.

Re: hp 48s calc with 48sx manual (vol 1) - christof (NoVA US) - 09-03-2003

The 48S and 48SX are the same aside from the external port expansion slots. So the manuals work for both- My 48S (also bught used) came with the later one big volume edition of the 48SX manual, which works fine. AFAIK, HP never put out a seperate manual set for the 48S as they did with the G series, HP put out one manual set for the 48g, 48g+, and 48GX)

I do prefer the printing where they had the manual split into 2 volumes, since they are wire bound and lay flat more easily.

But- you either have the one BIG single volume, in which case you ust need to dig deeper and find that everything really is in there, or you have the 1st volume of the 2 volume printing (again, they had the SAME information, just different printings), In which case yoou need to buy the MoHPC DVD/CD set with the 48s/sx manuals on it :)

and , incidentally, hpcalc.org has a great tutorial on user rpl. area48 has tons of information of all sorts that you will find very useful.

Re: hp 48s calc with 48sx manual (vol 1) - Roberto Flores - 09-03-2003

Hi !.

Perhaps you need to take a look at the HP 48 Programmer's Reference Manual (00048-90054) which was not included with the SX.

It is basically the same as the Advanced User's Reference manual for the 48G, it describes the functions but is no programming tutorial.



Re: hp 48s calc with 48sx manual (vol 1) - Dia C. Tran - 09-03-2003

My 48SX came with 2 volume user's manual. I did have to buy the Advanced User's Reference Manuals.

Re: hp 48s calc with 48sx manual (vol 1) - Neil - 09-07-2003

Thanks for all the feedback. I'm pretty sure the HP factory packed the SX vol 1 manual because they probably ran out of 48s manuals at the time, and since these manuals are so thick, they couldn't put both vol 1 & 2 in the same box. As I said, I got the 48sx quick reference guide as well. So altogether, that makes a 48s calculator + 48s box + 48sx vol 1 manual & ref guide. No big deal. I'll use the websites for RPL programming info.