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hp 45 repair - ron fratzke - 04-06-2000

any ideas where to get a dead hp45 repaired? worked fine for 28 years - now flashing numbers and decimal points. thanks.

Re: hp 45 repair - steve - 04-07-2000

Is this while attached to charger?

Doesn't work on batteries alone?

I'm no expert on the HP45, but I recall that this symptom was mentioned with this era calculator when the ripple from the rectified AC was not being filtered by the batteries any longer.

Could it just require the nicad pack to be rebuilt?

Re: hp 45 repair - Klaus - 04-07-2000

I had the same problem with a 35. The large capacitor in the power supply was leaking -> the AC component of the supply voltage bacame too large. Just replace the capacitor with something like 470uF an 25V. regards - Klaus