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HP 41cx modules - Jim Gordon - 04-03-2000

I just acquired an hp41cx with home mgmnt, real estate & navigation modules. I was able to get an estimate of the worth of the 41cx on this web site. But I have no idea what the 3 modules are worth. Any help would be appreciated.

Re: HP 41cx modules - steve - 04-04-2000

I would recommend checking on ebay for all of the above items. I think the world has just discovered HP-41's again. The prices for the calculators have been going up and up...

Re: HP 41cx modules - Thibaut.be - 04-04-2000

If you wish to sell it, I offer you USD 125.

Do the modules come with quick reference cards, manuals, etc... ?

Re: HP 41cx modules - Jim Gordon - 04-04-2000

I have checked ebay. I can get an idea of what to ask for the calculator (approx $115.00). It is the individual modules for Real Estate, Home Management, and Navigation that I haven't been able to determine a fair value for. I have no instructions or paperwork, just some keyboard overlays that go with the modules and a vinyl zippered case.