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We should be happy - L Martin - 08-13-2003


From my point of view, we should be happy with the new HP 49G+ (if everything is true).

Consider this:

* Five to ten times quicker than the old HP 49G. Come on, be honest: how many of you would have killed to get this much? 100 %

* An USB port. This is a high speed standard connection, isn't it?

* A sd Card expansion. We can buy a (hopefully) standard SD Card and have 32 Mb to keep data and programs. The HP 48GX could only hold up to a 4Mb card (if you could find one) That is 8 (or 16 or more) times more memory. So what?

The biggest complaint is the keyboard (no big ENTER key), plastic and other minor things. I guess most of us are in love with the machine we studied with, and cannot accept easily something with a new design without comparing. This only means we are getting OLD!

Let us accept these new machines as they come and see if they really work (calculate!) fine.

I second you... somehow - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 08-13-2003

Hi, L. Martin;

to be honest, I do not like the hP33S look, but I thought that if this look will make it be acceptable among youngers, let's bring them to RPN "world" with a different bait, if this is the case. I read Bill's post and I think the HP33S should look more serious, not as a current videogame personal tool, almost a sci-fi object. As many in here point out (and I am not aware of these facts), HP must survive somehow if we want RPN calculators, OR someone else should start producing RPN calculators. As mentioned in Graeme's post, I don't know if Texas would offer an RPN model so far.

If these "market targeted" calculators allow HP staff to consider producing others with a different approach, I think we could wait to see. If I have the chance, I want to try the new HP49G+. But I still believe an O.S. upgradable HPg48Gwhatever would be better.

My 2ยข.

Edited: 13 Aug 2003, 2:42 p.m.