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A new fanatic? - Christof - 08-09-2003

So, i've been off the boards for a while.

Update: I'm in Virginia with a new job, and it ended up being a boy instead of a girl!

Leif was born on 29 June, and has already "played" with his dad's prized 42s.

I wonder if the 32Sii I'm saving will be 'too out of date' to use when he's 12. or the 20s, for that matter.

(oh, email server is still a bit iffy, email can be sent to yhokoyote at yahoo)

Congrats, "koyote" dad! - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 08-09-2003

Hey, Christof;

Good news! Yeah, both of them: for Leif's comming and for the fact he's playing whit an HP "toy".

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 9 Aug 2003, 2:44 p.m.

Re: A new fanatic? - db (martinez, ca.) - 08-09-2003

Congrats to you and Jessica. How about a photo? -And another beer and ice cream meeting of the Davis hp club next time your in S.F.? Glen must be due for a half day off by now, it's been months.

Re: A new fanatic? - christof (NoVA US) - 08-10-2003

Definitely need to get together on my next trip. I'm not sure when that is yet, but sometime during the fall for sure.

Photos are www.ansible.org/~jess/leif/

Leif, a.k.a. "Rubberman" - db (martinez, ca.) - 08-10-2003

After looking at the baby pics; i'm glad to be able to tell everyone here that Leif takes after his mom in the looks department :-) And while his future rpn/aos prefrence is still up for grabs; he's a world class contortionist right now. Check out the second foto and another even more painful-looking in the middle somewhere.

Good work you two.