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HP-97 Card Reader - Reads but won't Write (Photos) - Mike - 08-08-2003

Problem: You have an HP-97 that will read cards just fine. But you get an Error whenever you try to write to a card.

Well, I have had two, just today, that had this problem. Both had the same fix.

I've decided to document the solution to the ones I just repaired. There may be problems with similar symptoms, for which this fix will not work.

Solution: the card switch needed adjustment. But which contact? The photo below shows the specific contact that I found, in both cases, to not be making contact.

Adjustment: If you look at the reader on edge, as shown in the photo, and slide a card in from the right, you can see the switches rise to make contact with the PCB (which is now out of the way). The closest switch was not rising high enough to make contact. It should rise above the surfaces shown in the photo below.

You can adjust the switch adjustment screw and watch the switch rise high enough to contact the PCB. Make sure that the switch drops down far enough when you remove the card.

This has been the fix to problems I have seen with HP-97 card readers that will read ok but won't write.

Hope this helps some of you out there that have seen this problem.

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Re: HP-97 Card Reader - Reads but won't Write - Ernie Malaga - 08-08-2003


Great post, thanks! But before opening up the calculator, check that the card hasn't been write-protected. Surprising how often the obvious is overlooked.