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STAT PAK for HP-48GX - Thomas Cox - 08-06-2003

Recently obtained a HP-48GX and Stat PAK by Davinci, originally by Sparcom. The manual scrambles the keycodes so that I don't know what keys should be pressed to activate the various operations. For example, on page 8 there is a paragraph that starts as

Setting the Current Director(sic)

To set the current directory, go to the Matrix Manager and use "E, B, 3i, i, 3c, and 6" to switch to the current directory. I think "6" is "ENTER" and the combination "3i" and "3c" are probably shifted entries.

Any assistance in either explaining the codes or providing a "Rosetta Stone" for interpretation of the codes would be appreciated.

Many of the examples are unintelligible. It would seem that printer used for printing manual was incompatible with code for printing special characters, resulting in garbage.

Does anyone have a copy of the manual either in hard copy or scanned that I could borrow or purchase?


Re: STAT PAK for HP-48GX - Vieira, Luiz C. (Brazil) - 08-06-2003

Hi, Thomas;

Aren't these references related to menu keys? I mean, when you enter in Matrix Manager (not Matrix Editor) aren't you in a particular environment?

Just to know.

Luiz (Brazil)

Re: STAT PAK for HP-48GX - Thomas Cox - 08-07-2003

The messages in the menu keys are clearly written in manual, it is the other keys that are not printed in a way that I have been able to determine what key(s) to press.

Also, what is more confusing is the examples in manual show scrambled printing so I can't see what results I should be getting.


Thomas Cox

Re: STAT PAK for HP-48GX - Megha Shyam - 08-19-2003

You can contact Paul Nelson at www.calcpro.com and he can get you a manual. All sales of da Vinci products are licensed through Calcpro and so he is your best option.

megha shyam
chairman and ceo
da Vinci Technologies group