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Invalid card data - mapet - 07-30-2003

Hi, I have "invalid card data" message on... HP 40G !!!
The calc has no extension ports... What is going on?

Re: Invalid card data - Ellis Easley - 07-30-2003

It's like in "2001" when HAL starts singing the first song he learned. Maybe HP calculators contain all the code from previous models. See if it will do "x^y" like the HP35!

Did you buy it used? - Harry (Germany) - 07-30-2003

Maybe it has an internal RAM extention that causes that.
I have a HP48S that has 256kb RAM added internally and it displays the same message you have (and beeps) every time it is switched on.


Re: Did you buy it used? - Dia C. Tran - 07-30-2003

The 48s has the same rom as the 48sx which has card slot. The 40g doesn't have a card slot. May be some of the code for the 48 is in the 40 rom

Re: Invalid card data - Ron Ross - 07-30-2003

Well the 40G has the same CAS as the 49G. Check the memory( it is shown in the upper left corner whenever you are in an App). It should be over 200K unless you have loaded up some programs. If it is below 128K, I suspect a memory chip failure, since on a 48Gx this would signify memory corruption of a card and that happens above 128K. The 39/40G's are limited to 256K and that is what is they come with.

Try the command PINIT also (shouldn't work, but it might).

Re: Invalid card data - mapet - 07-31-2003

The calc is brand new. After reset everything is ok now. But I lost all memory... :-(