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Program with 48G+? - Martha - 03-25-2000

A few times when I'm writing a long program for my 48G+, it goes back to the math menu. No data loss, or incorrect values, it just reverts to the maths menu. It runs programs without a hitch, though. Should I be overly worried. Thank you.

That Should read" Problem with HP48G+" - Martha - 03-25-2000

Sorry about that

That's a warm start - Joe Panico - 03-31-2000


Try pressing the [ON][C] combination and you get the same thing. It's a warm start, which will occur with some errors the calculator encounters. But this should not happen when you're entering a user program. The error is available by typing WSLOG and reading the entry. I don't have a specific answer but you might try HP for help.


PS: Type VERSION before you call HP. The string should say "R". Previous versions had bugs.