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Hey! There is a HP48S "RULES", sort of - Joe Panico - 03-24-2000

Fellow Museum-ites,

A previous post was looking for the names of the HP48 designers. One idea was to try the RULES command. This will produce the names on G series calculators.

What about the S series? Well, much to my surprise, there is a RULES command on the S. But before you get your hopes up, S owners, the command executes the following:

:: DoBadKey ;

If you don't understand System RPL, here's a beginners program to get you started!


Ok, Ok. It produces the bad key beep your accustom to hearing.

Re: Hey! There is a HP48S "RULES", sort of - George - 03-25-2000

Hm... interesting...hehe, it seems that HP was preparing to do something like that... but still, why didn't they use DoBadKey, instead of :: DoBadKey ; ? 10 wasted nibbles and one return stack level wasted.

hm... many thoughts come to my mind...wonder what it is for... ;)