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New RPN calculator - Roland - 07-21-2003

Can anybody tell me when HP issues the successor of the HP 32S? I understood it would be the HP-33S?

calculator collecting like stock market - Norm - 07-21-2003

Calculator collecting is now like the stock market......
You have to peer into the future and be right about.

Say you own 5 units of HP-15C . That's like 5 shares of stock. Now you have to figure out what the future holds, will they go up or down in future.

How about 32Sii , if HP makes a really nice successor model, and releases it (HP-33S ??) then your share value of 32Sii will abruptly fall.

So guess the future then.......... I'd guess that as long as "HP" is holding the calculator division ( and that's analogous to a bunch of deep-jungle monkeys swinging on vines having a piece of test equipment like a spectrum analyzer in tow with them) then I'd say they are not capable of releasing a decent calculator.

Therefore I'd predict that HP-33S will be a piece o' junk,
same as it has always been thus far.

Therefore I'd rate other collectible calculators as a "hold" or maybe even a "buy". The only thing that will make the collectible calculators plummet in value, is if the calculator division went where it belonged.... which is to Agilent....... like as if those monkeys brought the spectrum analyzer back to the dirt road, so that the guys in the jeep could take it back to civilization, but U see, that is not very likely to happen.

- Norm

Re: calculator collecting like stock market - hugh - 07-22-2003

it certainly is. the other month, i was considering entering the 20S futures market. a retailer had 6 new in stock in those red&white boxes (rather than the blister pack version). i thought about buying all 6.

in the end, i wussed out. i have bills to pay and all :-)

sell some puts - Norm - 07-22-2003

maybe you should have sold some puts or bought some calls.

But if you think the pricing of 20s will go down
then you better short-sell the market.

Just make sure that you dont go beyond the limits of your trading account.


Re: calculator collecting like stock market - bill platt - 07-22-2003

I bought 4 of em for 20 bucks 4 months ago, and only have 2 left--the others were bought by co-workers when they found out!

Norm, love the simile, I'm still laughing! - james (UK) - 07-23-2003