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HP 71B Programs - Silvio Breno - 03-17-2000

Hi All, It would be greatly appreciated if anyone out there could direct me to a site that has programs / execs written for the HP 71B e.g. Prog to copy files from 71b to PC via IL loop etc. Many thanks in advance.

Re: HP 71B Programs - Reinhard Hawel - 03-18-2000

AFAIK you need the HPIL card for the PC and the PC software. Then you can use the PC as a normal mass storage devica (COPY filename to :PC) and as a display and keyboard device. There's also a quick and dirty RS-232 Hack, that I promised abt half a year ago to some people (sorry guys), but I was really busy and couldn't put it onto the web now.

I'll try my best to do it in the next week.

Re: HP 71B Programs - Chris Catotti - 03-24-2000



Good Luck!

Re: HP 71B Programs - Stan Mulder - 04-01-2000

Hi, I have a disk drive for my HP71B but the battery are no good and need to be replaced. I am getting a HPIL - error broken loop error message and I think that this is probably caused by a battery problem. Can one still replace these batteries ?

Another question : I have copied lif files from a disk onto my computer using a program available on the net. The files are however in binary format. Trying to copy into DOS text format does not work probable one has to save programs in ASCII format. Is there a utility to convert from binary to ASCII ? I would like to use my computers printer to get printouts of my programs.

Thanks in advance Stan

Re: HP 71B Programs - Wayne Brown - 04-01-2000

Is that either the 9114A or 9114B disk drive? If so, you can still get a replacement battery. The removeable plastic cartridge that holds the battery has to be taken apart and a new battery placed in it. I took mine to Batteries Plus and they rebuilt it for me, but if you'd rather rebuild the cartridge yourself, there's a message thread in the HP Forum Archives that tells where to get the battery. Go into Archive 1 and search for messages about the "Panasonic LCR 226P battery."