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about Survey programs - Naim - 03-14-2000

Does anyone know of any company that sells 'type in' programs for the HP 48G calculator. Programs like what D'Zign had for the 42S series calculators

Re: about Survey programs - db - 03-14-2000

Naim - D'Zign has/had several versions of programs for the 48 series. Assuming the G has the same limitations as the S you can get what was called (i think) the student pac. it did most things yould want to do but had little or no point storage. They come on an ibm compatable flopy disk and you read them onto your 48 over the wire. If you are accostomed to D'Zign's 42 or 41 programs it will be familiar but will seem to run a bit slow; its a 48 after all. The address is:

Ted & Phylis Kerber D'Zign Software P. O. Box 430 Tollhouse Ca. 93667-0430

The phone # is (209) 297-8025

His stuf was the first, and for years only, camercially available program to have ofsets to spirals, three wire leveling,& EDM slope staking. If I worked for myself I'd still use Ted's stuff, it has limits but it dosnt have the built in bugs - and so errors - that TDS has. His tunnel tights program is probably the only one ever written. One thing: the 48 version is no better than the 42 version, and to me not as good because i cant change it to suit me, but its a LOT easier to put in the computer. And if your 42 does a memory lost; again, a lot easier to put..... - db

Re: about Survey programs - paul w - 04-26-2000

hey naim

have you tried a program called "quickclose" by r.stanaway (although i dont have it myself) it has its own homepage http://quickclose.netventures.com.au/ if this link doesnt work i search quickclose and it find it that way

i use a suite of programs written by my boss. ive also written a close program (ver1.0) of my own but its not a commercial grade product (maybe one day)

the quickclose page also has some tutorial information about writing surveying programs for the hp48 series.

ps i think most of the programs mentioned above are contained within libraries (not type in programs and therefore they are difficult to edit)

hope this helps


Re: about Survey programs - paul w - 05-13-2000


the programs supplied by richard at quickclose are in "type in" format and not contained in libraries as i previously thought.