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HP 17bii+ picture! - Jonas Lööf - 07-16-2003

Look at this (rusian) site... It appears to be a picture of the uppcoming hp 17bii+. I rather like the look!



Re: HP 17bii+ picture! - Harry - 07-16-2003

Looks a bit liek the 10bII



Re: HP 17bii+ picture! - Scuba Diver - 07-16-2003

It looks a LOT like the 10BII! Hopefully ir doesn't suffer from the same quality control issues as the 10BII!

The interesting thing is the reference to CITIZEN...any ideas???


Re: HP 33s soon to follow - Ron Ross - 07-16-2003

I suspect the new Hp33s will be along similiar lines also. Just imagine an Hp10bii keyboard on an Hp32s and Voila!!! Hp33s! Well double or triple the Ram on a 32s also, to maybe 1000 steps so as to justify a small number increment.

Re: HP 17bii+ picture! - Jonas Lööf - 07-16-2003

A larger picture:


Re: HP 17bii+ picture! - Scuba Diver - 07-16-2003

I wonder if the 17BII+ has any sort of I/O capability; IR port?

I don't think that many 17BII users took advantage of the IR port, so perhaps they've taken this opportunity to keep the price point low and removed it...

Now I'm interested to see what the 19BII+ looks like!!


Quality? - Patrick - 07-16-2003

So, it appears likely that the technology of the new 17BII+ will be on about par with the 10BII. As Ron says, the 33S will likely be the same.

So the question is, are there quality issues with the 10BII? I've never touched one, but they sure look cheaply made. Do they feel solid? How do the keys feel? Do they register reliably? Do they bounce? Is the display easily readable? Tell us more!!!

Re: HP 33s soon to follow - Jeff - 07-16-2003

I'd like more than just a few more program steps to justify that number increase. How about:

1. a two line display with softkeys like the 17Bii+.

2. 32k ram for programs

3. ability to enter, manipulate and display complex numbers as r + jx or magnitude and angle

4. shifted functions above the keys, alpha characters on that slanted key face

5. infra-red and/or serial cable input and output

6. clock and appointment functions

OK, I guess I am really hoping for a 42Sii+!

Re: Quality? - Scuba Diver - 07-16-2003

Well, I've played with a 10BII at the store, and it definately is of lower quality than the 10B. The keys don't have the same feel; in short, you can tell the difference, and it's not a good difference!

I read a thread on here a few months ago that talked about the "N" key sticking on many 10BIIs because the key is too close to one of the plastic stakes...not a sign of good planning and design!

One thing to keep in mind is that the 17BII+ will retail for about $120 US and the 10BII is nowhere near that price point. Although the design is the same, it's possible that the internals are more robust...who knows, we may be pleasantly surprised...emphasizing the word MIGHT! :)


I order one of those too :) - Harry - 07-16-2003

I have little to no hope it will be like that though.


Re: HP 17bii+ picture! - Raymond Del Tondo - 07-16-2003

It's nice to see the original HP-17BII just right to the '17BII' :-) Just below the beamers, and above the cashier's machine.

However, I have a 10BII, and I must say, the keyboard is *not* reliable.

Maybe they solved the other problems, like the rubber feet,
which were too small in the 10BII.
Lets hope they improved the keyboard, else the machine is just trash.

BTW: I could imagine a 19BII+ to have an alpha keyboard like some of the older Casios, only some contact sheets behind a flexible plastic 'curtain' ,
at least after seeing the new 17BII;-)))


Re: Quality? - Gene - 07-16-2003

I quit using my 10BII after about a month because the FV key in the top right corner turned mushy and quit responding reliably to key pushes.

This was a contributing factor to the university where I teach the business math course deciding to change their recommended calculator from the HP-10B to the TI BAII Plus.

Oh well.

We'll see what this new puppy is really like soon, I suppose.

NEW: HP 19bii+ picture! - Mark Hardman - 07-16-2003

Ask and ye shall receive!!!

HP-19ii+ is located at:


OK, it looks more like a concept drawing. But it does look nice IMO.

Mark Hardman

Edited: 16 July 2003, 10:02 p.m.

Mark, you're a miracle worker! - Scuba Diver - 07-16-2003

It does appear to be a concept drawing, but it looks sweet! It has the fullsize enter key, which is missing on the 17BII+

I'll be lining up for that one when it goes on sale, let me tell ya!

P.S. Any idea how we can become beta testers? I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous and my left to be a beta tester...

Re: Mark, you're a miracle worker! - Mark Hardman - 07-16-2003

What we need is a nice Korean speaking member of the forum to kindly translate this page for us.

A returned LDS Korean Missionary would do in a pinch.

Mark Hardman

Re: Mark, you're a miracle worker! - Scuba Diver - 07-17-2003

Unfortunately, most of the Koreans I know are mad because South Korea lost to Vancouver for the 2010 Winter games...they're not too keen on helping us gwai los out :) (I know, that's Cantonese, but I don't know any Korean!)


Re: HP 17bii+ picture! - Justin - 07-17-2003

It seems to have a Print key...does anyone know if the IR printer is still made?

Re: Mark, you're a miracle worker! - Frank Wales - 07-17-2003

What we need is a nice Korean speaking member of the forum to kindly translate this page for us.

That's what the Fish is for:


Re: NEW: HP 19bii+ picture! - Raymond Del Tondo - 07-17-2003

Yes, this one looks very stylish. As Scube Diver noted,
it has the ENTER/INPUT key :-)

And it has the 'Printer' key.

Let's see it in real, please.


I love babelfish - Scuba Diver - 07-17-2003

According to the translated site, "The HP-19BII the financial calculator was sterilized."

Ouch...that explains why we haven't seen any 19BIIs around...they're waiting for the swelling to go down! :)