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Whatever happened ... ? - unspellable - 07-16-2003

Whatever happened to Sparcom and da Vinci?

Re: Sparcom and DaVinci - Frank Travis - 07-18-2003

I had purchased Sparcom and DaVinci plug-in application cards (and their accompanying manuals) for HP 48SX/GX in years past from the now defunct EduCalc. Sparcom later became DaVinci and had the website www.dvtg.com. They apparently went out of business and sold their products to resellers. Now the only place I know of that still sells these products is Calcpro website www.calcpro.com. Its manager is Paul Nelson. I have bought HP 48GX calculators and accessories from them. Occasionaly Ebay website www.ebay.com has some of the plug-in cards and manuals.