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Blank-Nut On eBay? - Mark Hardman - 07-15-2003

At the risk of pulling a "Gene" here, I'm curious why the following auction for an HP-41C OPT-001 has not been bid through the roof over its initial six days.


Am I missing something here? The seller obviously does not know what he has on his hands. Or is the auction for a clever counterfit? The seller insists that his description of the item is correct, "No overlay or letters on the keys."

Mark Hardman (LED)

Re: Blank-Nut On eBay? - Randy Sloyer - 07-15-2003

For my 2ยข worth, the "clear tape on the bottom and sides" is probably holding the unit together. Once the top posts crack off, it's the standard user method to keep the battery/port connector in contact with the logic board.

In short, unless you are willing to solvent weld it back together, caveat emptor. That is of course if you are fortunate enough to get all the pieces. I doubt it though, as it missing a rear cover, so the broken bits had an escape port :^)

Or, being positive, it could just be holding the battery charger port cover on...

Edited: 15 July 2003, 11:06 p.m.

Re: Blank-Nut On eBay? - Mark Hardman - 07-15-2003

The tape is too low to be holding the battery port in place. I'll go with your pessimistic view and count myself lucky that I pulled up short on the bidding.

Even a highly collectible piece of crap is still a piece of crap.

Mark Hardman

Re: Blank-Nut On eBay? - Dia C. Tran - 07-16-2003

Looks like it is a legit blank nut. However, I think it's in pretty bad condition.

Re: Blank-Nut On eBay? - Ted - 07-16-2003

Well, it is even more weird than that:

He talks about it being a CX, but there's no label on the front it as it's a blanknut;
He talks about 'not having an adapter', but anyone knows how to put batteries in a holder;
I suspect he knows it doesn't work, and is just talking about adapters to make it sound hopeful. In any case he knows more than he's disclosing.

Sorry to sound so distrustful and disillusioned; I've learned my lessons the hard way.

Re: Blank-Nut On eBay? - Raymond Del Tondo - 07-16-2003


I don't think that the calc is a CX.
Look at the bottom label. Every CX I saw so far has the silver CX label with the CX 'ED' short key description.

There's a chance that a blanknut doesn't even have this by default, but there's also a chance that the top and bottom halves of the machine just don't belonged to each other originally.
Or the tape strip is used to hold the label down,
because it may not glue perfectly...

However, the missing front label isn't a sign against a blanknut. AFAIR the ones I saw so far didn't have that label, too.


Re: Past Auctions - gifron - 07-16-2003

This seller has sold electronics in the past that he could test, even though he was selling the unit only. See http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=38331&item=3032060039

Of course N cells are not something everyone has lying around the house.

Re: Past Auctions - Dia C. Tran - 07-16-2003

I had several CX blanknuts. I have only one now. When I got them they don't have the label affixed to the calculator but one came with the calculator so you could put it on.

Re: Blank-Nut On eBay? - Frederic - 07-16-2003

I think some read the address here, look at the final price... ;-)