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Emulators - v - 07-14-2003

What HP calc emulators are available for the PC?? Which ROM images can be downloaded??



Re: Emulators - Dave Hicks - 07-14-2003

The message is a place holder for a question from Harry:

Why am I not supposed to post a link to that here?

Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to explain it in a way that doesn't annoy either party so I'm just staying completely away from this.

Re: Emulators - Harry - 07-15-2003

Ok Dave,

I use that emulator and have not had any problems with it.
Don't know anything about the owner of that site though.
All I wanted to do was find an emulator for V (I wonder why he didn't post his name) he could use.

I did not fully read the message I got. And posted that link anyway.
I am sorry for that.


Re: Emulators - v - 07-15-2003

What link, i didnt get to see it :(
I wonder why such a big deal, an emulator is like a tryout.

I dont post my name cuz.. well, its no big deal