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hp 21s manual - Scarce commodity? - Neil - 07-02-2003

There have been a few auctions on ebay lately for the hp 21s calc and I happened to win one. The calc came without the manual however, and I noticed the other recent 21s auctions didn't offer manuals either.

I get the impression that these manuals are very scarce (the museum CD set doesn't have it). Somebody even put an add in the classified ads section of this site looking for it, and I ended up asking him if he had received it, and if he had and it happened to be in pdf format, could he mail a copy to me. Unfortunately, he hadn't so far gotten any response.

So, what's with these 21s manuals? Does anybody know where or how to get one?

Re: hp 21s manual - Scarce commodity? - Ron Ross - 07-03-2003

The 21s wasn't a very popular calculator (probably due to its price compared to a 20s). It is nearly identical to an Hp20s aside from its statistics speciality and a different set of libraries installed. It programs the same. Key layout is nearly identical for the shared functions (and probably 80% of its functions are shared).

So if you really need a manual, you could probably get by with an Hp20s manual, and just discover the other features and functions. I bought mine via an educalc closeout, minus box or manual also. My wife is using at present for her last course to graduate (a stat course with no graphics allowed, how appropriate).

Re: hp 21s manual - Scarce commodity? - Art Litka - 07-03-2003


I happen to HAVE an HP21S manual but no calculator! Since I hope to acquire one for my collection someday, I really do not want to part with it at the moment. I found the manual in a second-hand bookstore in Florida. Whenever I find an HP calc manual in a used bookstore I grab it. Most stores don't take them in, however, because of a very limited market to their way of thinking. (On the other hand, old TI manuals are more easily found in such places.)

I might be able to photocopy some of it for you but you probably want the real item for your collection. The manufacturer's number was 00021-90026-March 1989.

Re: hp 21s manual - Scarce commodity? - Neil - 07-04-2003

Hi Art,

Thanks for your generous offer. I have the 20s manual, and Ron Ross is right in saying that most of that manual is applicable to the 21s as well (Ron, thanks for your response) So, the only pages I am missing are the additional statistics and built-in program details. If you are prepared to photocopy just those pages and send them to me I would really appreciate it. Of course, if I come across the real manual, I will buy it for my collection anyway.