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HP49G Unit Conversion - Mike - 03-01-2000

Does anyone know of a quick way to convert units on the HP49G? Under the HP48 series I could simply do the following: 1) select the UNITS key 2) select the catagory 3) enter the number-portion of the units to convert from followed by the convert-from unit soft-key. 4) press the left-shift key followed by the convert-to unit softkey to perform the conversion.

Under the HP49G, steps 1-3 are similar. However after that I must do the following: 4) enter 1 (or any number) followed by the UNITS key, catagory key and then the convert-to unit (essentially 2 items are now on the stack). 5) Press right-shift/UNITS/TOOLS/CONVERT to perform the conversion.

Hmmm?!?!?! Steps 4 and 5 for the HP49G seem to add conciderably to simply converting from one UNIT to another. Is there a shorter way? (Entering the UNITS objects by hand into the stack seems to me to be even more laborious).

Thanks tons in advance!


Re: HP49G Unit Conversion - erwin - 03-02-2000

after you put the unit and its value to be converted on the stack,pres left-shift and the unit,from the menu, to wich you want it to convert.this ends the convertion.

I hope it's clear.

Re: HP49G Unit Conversion - Mike - 03-08-2000

Thanks Erwin

However, I'm not clear on what you've mentioned. I enter the following key-sequence from what I understand from your response...

(let's convert 1 KNOT to MPH (miles/hr.) for example).

1) Place 1 onto stack 2) Right-shift then 6(Units key). In menu highlight 6(Speed) then F6(OK). In next menu highlight 6(Knot). Press F6(OK). 3) 1._knot is on the stack. 4) Where do I go from here (Exact keys to press)? I attempted to proceed as follows... A) Right-shift then 6(Units key again). In menu select 6(Speed again) then F6(OK). In next menu cursor-down to highlight 5. mph and then I left-shift followed by F6(OK).


Just beeps at me.

Could you clarify with key-sequence perhaps?

Thanks again tons Erwin.


Re: HP49G Unit Conversion - r. d. bärtschiger. - 03-09-2000

Hi Mike,

The proper sequence for converting units on the hp-49g & also the 48 series is as follows, press keys in exactly this order:

Using your example of converting knots to mph. this assumes the calculator is in rpn mode.

1 right shift minus to place an underline after the one, (press * on 48) right shift 6 to access the units menu f6 for speed units, (press e on 48) f6 again, to place knot after 1_, (press f on 48) ENTER left shift mpg to convert to mph

Hope this helps.


Re: HP49G Unit Conversion - erwin - 03-09-2000

Sorry for my unaccurate way of explaining how to convert on the 49. R.D. Bärtschiger did a better job,and it was close to what i meant. I read the first chapter of Mike’s mail d.d 03-01-2000,that state's how to convert on the 48. I performed it on the 49,and it work's. And need’s a few keystroke’s less then Bärtschiger’s methode.

This is how i did it. Let's see how many gram there are in one kilogram. The calc has the stack (RPN mode) menu active now. Calc is in RPN.

1: press right-shift than units. Press next and choose mass,F1. 2: press Kg,F1. The beep sounds and the box 'Error Too Few Arguments' appears on the screen. Just press on/cancel and the box disappears, leaving 1._kg on the stack. 3: press left-shift,then choose g from the menu,F2. Kg is now converted to grams

To convert 2 Kg to g:

1: press right-shift than units. Then press next and choose mass,F1. 2: press 2 than Kg,F1. 3: press left-shift than g,F2 (gram). It say's 2000._g on the stack.