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12C or 12C Platinum...that is the question - Joe - 06-20-2003

I have been the proud user of the original HP-12C for years. Its functionality is exactly what i need, the RPN method works perfectly with my prodigious mind (hence my prodigy.net e-mail address), and its craftsmanship is bar-none (e.g., the fully raised keys, with the exception of the on/off key, which is not as raised so as to limit inadvertent shut-down).

My competitive (i.e., an understatement) roommate recently purchased the 12C platinum. There are definitely more functions and increased memory, but is it a "better" instrument?

Personally, i would assume the "improvements" are rather insignificant, and in some ways, the original 12C may remain the better of the two (e.g., in craftsmanship). For instance, look at the 10B versus the 10Bii. The latter may have a few more functions, but it is surely not "better" than the former. The keys don't even feel as nice.

Does anyone have any input re this quite interesting dilemma?


Re: 12C or 12C Platinum...that is the question - Michael F. Coyle - 06-20-2003

Hi Joe,

Look at this forum for the last couple of months, specifically the 12C vs 12CP posts. It shouldn't be hard to collect all of the problems that the 12CP can't do (due to bugs), or where the 12CP is slower. Then just demonstrate to your roommate why newer isn't necessarily better.

It's kind of sad that this is even possible.

- Michael

Re: 12C or 12C Platinum...that is the question - Gene - 06-20-2003

More functions? An X^2 key is more functions? (well, yes, ONE more function!). Otherwise, no additional functions other than a fairly unusable ALG mode.

Personally, the extra programming memory, particularly now that bugs have been exposed in the GTO statements, does not offset the terrible color choice or much slower speed to solve for i in annuity problems. Go with the original 12c! My opinion.

Re: 12C or 12C Platinum...that is the question - Don Nguyen - 06-21-2003

100% agree! I recently bought a 12C Platinum. I feel the same way. I feel like wormanship is terrible. The g and f key are not stand firm and the Enter key when you press it and release it has a little noise that really bother me.
Even now after use it for a while I start to like my 12C Platinum. But I wouldn't recommend for anybody.
A little note here: the i function in TVM takes a long time in some problems to get a result. I mean a long long time.

Best Regards.