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67/97 and 41C Library - Bill Duncan - 02-23-2000

I saw references to the old library from HP back in the archives here, where custody went back to HP and sometime later nobody there seems to know anything about it.

Has anybody tried to track the library down again? I'd say this was one of the earliest examples of the now fashionable "open source" idea. Anyway, I'm sure that we could find enough volunteers to run the library again. I'd certainly donate my time.


Re: 67/97 and 41C Library - Joe - 02-23-2000


I tried to track down the HP 85, 65, 67, 41, 71 and 75 librarys last summer. Their last known location was in a storage building in Oregon. HP gave the librarys to someone and he was selling copies of the programs for a while but then decided to move to Montana or some place like that. He offered the library to several people but no one took it so we can only assume that he left it there in the storage building and that the building owner's scrapped it. A portion of the European HP 41 library was given to a HPCC member in the UK and he still has it in his attic. The European library was different from the US one and had different programs.