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Voyager cases direct from HP? - Patrick - 06-11-2003

eBay seems to always feature some seller or another with brand new vinyl/leatherette cases for the Voyager series. One would think that, with the 12C still on sale, that an individual could still buy these direct from HP.

I have not been able to track these down on their sales sites. Anybody have any experience buying these from HP?

Re: Voyager cases direct from HP? - Randy Sloyer - 06-11-2003

You would think so... The HP part number for the standard old 12C case is 82174-60001.


If you enter this into part surfer, you'll get a "Part no longer supplied" message. They've been NLA for at least 6 months.

PS: You'll get the same result for Pioneer cases: p/n 82243-60001

Voyager cases direct from HP? NOT! - db (martinez, ca.) - 06-11-2003

i called a while back and a young lady said that hp had sold all their cases to third parties. she gave me some names to contact and their prices. up to $20 for a 32/42 slipcase that was $6 a couple of months ago from hp. thanks carly. don't make anything. don't sell anything. just milk the name till it's dead. btw: there are no more battery doors either.

the girl did say that an rpn replacement for the 32sii would be out before the end of the year. she was so nice that i didn't even ask if i have to leave a tooth under my pillow or write santa to get one.

Edited: 11 June 2003, 10:32 p.m.

Re: Voyager cases direct from HP? NOT! - Art Litka - 06-11-2003

Dennis, I bought a charger from you a while back for 34c, WORKS GREAT! I recently acquired a 32SII so I would like to see if they can make a "better" version-ha ha! Incidently I'm back in Oakland so you can contact me at this email address-would like to see your collection!

Re: Voyager cases direct from HP? NOT! - Grant Goodes - 06-12-2003

Any chance you could post the list of places with these
cases? I'm actually looking for one of the leather ones,
but maybe they have those too?

Re: Voyager cases direct from HP? - Eduardo - 06-12-2003

What a coincidence! I spent today about half an hour calling HP Parts Direct to inquire about the Pioneer and 48G cases, as well as the Pioneer battery doors. Result? An extremely nice rep who was quite surprised that parts for calculators that HP is still selling haven't been available for years (!!!).

In the end, she gave up. Oh well. But *where can one find these*?!!! (and I mean, for a price that's congruent with their *fair* value...)