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Change from 17b to 12c Platinum - Bart De Keyser - 06-08-2003

Hi all,

It is the first time I have a look at this Forum and I think it is the ideal spot to help me :

1. I own a HP 17b, but the key of the "6" needs to be pushed quite hard to get it displayed. I own this HP since 1988 ( sg. like that ), so there might have come some dust between the keys, etc.. Is there any way to get this fixed ?

2. Since the 17 B gets more and more difficult to work with ( see above - I need to be make sure I push the "6" hard enough, ... just imagine...) I am considering to replace it by the new 12c - platinum, especially because you can change the mode to normal algebraic. Would this be a sensible purchase or is there a better (HP) alternative ?

3. Any good European web sites who sells these things ??

Thanks, Bart

Re: Change from 17b to 12c Platinum - Gordon Dyer - 06-08-2003

I would prefer to get a 17BII for algebraic entry as an alternative to RPN. It will me more familiar to you and is a much more powerful calculator then the 12C platinum with the advantage of menus and text prompts in the display. But that is my choice.
I do have 3x 12C's and like them a lot, but I find for financial use the 17BII is much more useable and powerful, it just doesnt fit in my pocket!

hold your horses - bill platt - 06-08-2003


The 12c Platinum appears to have a number of bugs. And the algebraic mode does not have parentheses, nor precedence.

You should peruse this forum and do a search on the subjects that interest you, to see what is up.

The classic 12c is probably a better bet, though you have to make the switch to RPN--which is really a good idea, but then again, I am not biased ;-).


I agree with Gordon... - Scuba Diver - 06-08-2003

...I'd go with the 17BII. It's exactly the same as your 17 however it allows you to switch between RPN and ALG modes.

I have a number of 12Cs, a 17BII and a 19BII and I use my 17 the most. At work, I have a 12C because I'm usually just doing some basic arithmetic, however I'm also a part-time MBA student, so I use my 17BII for class.

The 17BII was recently discontinued, so you can probably still find some new ones around. Personally, I'd find an older one on eBay. The newer ones (with darker bezel) aren't made with the same quality as the older ones, IMHO.


Thanks for the excellent advice ! - nt. - Bart De Keyser - 06-09-2003