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hp97 card reader problem - mark french - 02-12-2000

I also am trying to fix a HP97 card reader. I put a new roller in, card seems to read in pretty smooth. If I enter WRITE DATA and feed in the card, it ERROR. If I try to read a card by just sticking it in it just keeps saying CRD, not sure what this means. These cards were for an hp41 so I don't think I can actually read these on a 97, was trying to write to one first. All the actuated forks inside are clean and are not bent and I can see them move correctly when i insert in the reader with the circuit card removed. Am I missing something in the write process as far as what keys to hit/switches to set? Or do cards have to be formatted or something?....Mark French

Re: hp97 card reader problem - Erik Wahlin - 02-12-2000

Hi, If you run a card through and it say crd, youhave to turn the card 180 degrees and run it through again. One end has #1, the other end has # 2. A program of 112 steps or less can be saved to one side of the card. A longer program (> 112 steps) also requires the other side of the card. If you are trying to write data and getting error after running a card through, perhaps the card is write protected. Is the corner tab of the card clipped?

hmm gettin closer...? - mark french - 02-12-2000

ok one problem was i didn't know these had write protect, I tried a card that still has tabs on it and is working better, no more ERROR on write and no more CRD message on a read....but not sure if is writing to it or not, after i type some steps in and do a WRITE DATA card feed, if i turn unit off/on and feed card back in, program still has same '51' codes in it like it didn't read it in...am I missing some steps here on writing and reading in a program?

Re: hmm gettin closer...? - Erik Wahlin - 02-12-2000

Mark, When you copy a program, you have to set the switch to program and then run the card through. If it gives you crd (because your program is more than 112 steps), you have to run the other end too. To write data from the storage registers, the switch must be in run position, then hit w/data key. It will give you crd to prompt you for inserting the magnetic card.

Write data is only for saving data from the registers to the card. I think this was your confusion.

By the way, if you are loading a program into the HP97, make sure the switch is set to run, or you will over write the program unless the write protection tab is clipped.

thanks I think is working ok then - mark french - 02-12-2000

it correctly reads and writes register contents so I think is working correctly, thank you for your help!...Mark