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Another version of "mint" - Scuba Diver - 06-07-2003

I know we've talked about this before, but I thought I would share this one...it made me chuckle.

It's an auction for a "Like new" 17BII:


Personally, I like the description, "Absolutely no scratch. The only difference between it and new one is the plastic cover."

Well, the plastic cover is ONE difference between yours and a new 17BII...I'm also thinking that the two dings in the bezel might be another one...

Maybe I need to reframe my definition of "mint"...


Those are not dings - Mike - 06-08-2003

They are big friggin dents. :-)

I bought one one time that said no scratches and this showed up.

The seller also said the calculator had some slight corrosion that was removed. This is what showed up.

So, it's buyer beware.